Wiring for mast lights

Wiring for mast lights

Postby delling3 » Mon May 15, 2017 1:56 pm

When I bought my CP22 last year, it was not equipped with any mast lighting (no masthead light, no bow light, etc.). I am installing a light so that I will be legal motoring in from the race course on Tuesday nights.

My boat also does not have a masthead VHF antenna, but it was wired for one - a coax antenna connector exits thru a deck plate, and the coax is run down thru the port-side compression post, and back to the companionway area running below the settee.

The electrical panel has a labeled for both an anchor/bow light, but it is not clear to me if there are wires stashed somewhere: No evidence of wires coming from below to connect to. D

Does anyone know if there are factory wires run for a mast light? If so, do you know where they might be stashed away?

If you have come up with a "home-grown" solution, what did you do?
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Re: Wiring for mast lights

Postby JEPomer » Mon May 15, 2017 7:14 pm

Catalina Direct has a mast wiring harness and the needed lights.

I drilled a pass-thru hole in the cabin top complimenting the antenna wire pass-thru on the other side of the mast. I use a 4-pin plug for the mast lighting (ground, mast/steaming-light, anchor-light, deck-light). I used three switches on the panel.

The antenna wire has a coax coupler. Both connect/disconnect easily. The wires come out the sides of the mast.

Inside the cabin, I simply routed the wiring to the port side behind the bulkhead. It's functional and mostly out of sight. That's enough for me.

I actually moved (and replaced) the electrical panel from the low under the berth position to the port bulkhead. I can see the switches (and indicator lights) from the cockpit. I can easily reach (without bending – growing older is not always "fun") the switches and ordered them so I can easily direct others which ones to turn on. (from the top: 1 = running, 2 = mast/steaming, 3 = anchor...).

I mounted the VHF radio on the port cabin ceiling so I can easily reach the radio yet not hit it when going through the companionway.

Hope this helps.

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