Interior Fabric Cabin Cushions

Interior Fabric Cabin Cushions

Postby JCBRENN » Fri May 13, 2016 4:37 pm

Just took my interior cabin cushions down from my garage loft and found a few holes from an energetic squirrel. My Capri 22 #663 is a 1991 model that has very nice interior cabin cushions with light blue fabric tops and white vinyl undersides. Any ideas of acquiring new ones or at least information on where I would take them to be redone???
As always thank you in advance for your advice.
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Re: Interior Fabric Cabin Cushions

Postby Hershey » Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:01 am

I once inquired at Catalina Direct ---- $1,200+ They are labor intensive. And you have to purchase a complete set.
Most canvas shops are going to be around $500-$600/cushion. Again labor. They are custom fit.

I did some crude sewing myself and made one cover. No where's perfect -- but serves it's purpose.

I have a brand new ( almost) set of San-Juan 21 cushions. I had taken them out of my first boat ( purchased new) and put in my attic the first year.
When I sold the San Juan -- I sold it so cheap I kept the cushions. Bunks are pretty close to the Capri's. Still in my attic.

I would suggest that anybody who does not overnight in their Capri, take then out and store them some place safe. Prevents them from getting ripped, stained. Will improve resale value when you go to sell your boat.

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