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Welcome to the Capri 22 National Association


I am very happy to have you on board in our growing Class. No other 22-foot boat will offer you as much family fun and racing excitement as the Capri 22. Your registration with the CP22 NA will keep you informed as to upcoming events, provide a forum to discuss your ideas on activities and growth of the Class, and give us a National body through which to administer Rules and Racing.


In 1983 the Capri 22 was introduced as a high-performance family racer/cruiser that could be trailer-sailed or kept dockside. Designed by Gary Mull (of America's Cup lineage) and Frank Butler, it was intended to be Catalina Yacht's answer to the highly successful J-24. More than 1,000 Capri-22s have been built in the last 20 years, and the new Mark II is very popular. The CP22 has proven to be a stable, safe boat, yet one that is fast and fun to sail. Intense racing can be found with the participating Fleets, and the Class Rules were updated in 1999 to facilitate better racing and handling, while not compromising the 1-D nature. The boat also has a great PHRF rating for those of you in areas without an active Fleet


Although we focus on racing, we never lose touch with the fact that all of us have a social and fun side as well, so we encourage regional events make just for the cruise of it. Contact your CP22 NA Regional Director with ideas you have for frolic & fun for family and friends.


The CP22 NA has put together this package containing valuable information about the Capri 22, sailing techniques, racing tactics, boat maintenance and other topics we hope will be of interest to you. Please contact your Regional Directors with suggestions for additional content.


I am confident you will enjoy your Capri 22 tremendously and that you will find this Class to be affordable, fun, but with a competitive racing component to the action. Your National and Regional contacts are listed on the next page. Good sailing!!



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